Psychometric testing

Because CVs can’t talk, and interviews don’t tell you everything. Recruiting the right person for your business couldn’t be more crucial to your team, your project, or your organisation at large. That’s because a bad hiring decision (and ‘bad’ is so often synonymous with ‘ill informed’) can have a huge effect on morale, productivity, and business performance in general.

That’s why our experienced engineering recruitment consultants employ psychometric testing to make sure that you make the most informed hiring decision possible. Trust us, it really works.

What is psychometric testing?

Psychometric testing is a great way of measuring how someone is likely to act in different professional situations. It can also give you a good idea of how well a potential recruit will fit in with your company’s culture.

A simple yet effective process involving online questionnaires and assessments, psychometric testing can be completed quickly and easily during the recruitment process. And because we like to make that process as effortless as possible, we can carry out a number of tests on your behalf, including:

  • WSQ (Work Styles Questionnaire)
  • CCSQ (Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire)
  • MQ (Motivational Questionnaire)
  • OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire)
  • Ability tests (numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning)

To learn more about how psychometric testing could help you to recruit the right engineering professionals for your business - regardless of sector or specialism - get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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