Whether you’re in the market for a new aerodynamics engineer, a technical author, or want to upskill your existing workforce, we’ve got it covered.

Using our Right Result assessment tool, we can help you to identify and address any skills deficits within your business, while also testing potential employees before you recruit ensuring the right technical, cultural and organisational fit for your business.

Making hiring foolproof

Right Result provides the depth of information that you need to make the very best hiring decisions. Using the latest market-leading assessment tools, you can evaluate the professional motivations of potential new recruits, and assess the fit between their values and your environment.

There are over 500 tests to choose from, and we’ll work with you to select the most appropriate assessments for your business needs, creating bespoke tools where required.

Our assessments fall into three core areas:

Can Do: Can the person do the job? To understand skills levels and depths of knowledge

Will Do: Will the person do the job? To understand personal motivation and conduct

Will Fit: Will the person fit your work environment? To understand preferences in the workplace

And because we like to make every stage of the IT recruitment process simple and straightforward, candidates can complete these assessments from the comfort of their own computers, or at one of our branches.

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