Koopman Car Terminal is a ’full service’ car terminal, located in the port of Amsterdam and offers a variety of customers in the automotive industry several services in the field of:

  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Repairs

The Koopman Car Terminal Repair Center has two spray/dry cabins and flexible workstations for a variety of repairs. Koopman Car Terminal has much know-how and experience particularly in the field of SMART repair techniques Per year, over 7.000 vehicles are repaired with these efficient and relatively cheap techniques. The following activities are carried out in the Repair Center:

  • Paintless dent repair
  • Spot repair (local panel beating and spray painting)
  • Panel beating partial or complete spray painting of vehicles
  • Spray painting of vehicles in corporate style
  • Windshield repairs
  • Interior repairs
  • Dashboard repairs

The department of car logistics offers logistics activities such as:

  • Receiving vehicles from barges
  • Unloading and loading of trains
  • Receiving or delivering vehicles to trailers
  • Storage
  • Dewaxing
  • Making vehicles ready for delivery

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