Ravo's reputation grew quickly after it was founded in the early 1960's, and its product range and service grew right along with it. Since the 1970's, Ravo's top-quality street-sweeping machines have made us a success. Today, Ravo offers a wide range of sweepers, each one based on an innovative design. In 2009, Ravo became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fayat Group.

Ravo's head office is located in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, also home to its modern production facility and one of its service centres. Ravo makes use of an efficient network of professional partners, each one providing local customers with rapid service. We pride ourselves on our full range of services, top quality, short lines of communication and service-minded culture.

Ravo became a member of the Fayat Group in mid 2009. Headquartered in Bordeaux, France, the Fayat Group is a family firm founded by Clément Fayat in 1957. It has grown steadily both in size and scope of activity since then. Today, it operates a global network of autonomous subsidiaries grouped into six divisions.

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